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Tyson McGuffin: Professional Pickleball Player Profile

Once an aspiring tennis player, Tyson McGuffin has forged himself into a professional pickleball player and icon of the sport.

The self-made athlete grew up in Lake Chelan, Washington. Tyson took to sports early in life. He took up wrestling in his school years and then gravitated towards tennis and played competitively at the junior college level


Tyson McGuffin is 33 years old. He was born on December 16th, 1989. His astrological sun sign is Sagittarius, and his moon sign is in Leo.


Tyson McGuffin’s height is 5′ 10″ (155.5cm). He’s taller than about 58.6% of men and 97.6% of women in the US.

Net Worth

Tyson McGuffin’s net worth is currently estimated to be above $2 million. His fortune has been made through professional pickleball championship winnings, brand sponsorships, his signature camps, and various other entrepreneurial ventures.

Tennis career

Tyson took to tennis early and performed well in the sport. He become a tennis coach and 5.5 ranked player.

He had aspirations to go pro but eventually decided that pickleball would give him a better shot at being a standout performer in the professional scene.

Pickleball career

Tyson started playing pickleball in 2015. He was introduced to the sport at a tennis club in Yakima, WA. It took him about six months of playing before he was able to compete with some of the top talents in the sport.

After he made the switch from tennis to pickleball, Tyson moved from WA to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. There he worked at a tennis and pickleball club during COVID running pickleball camps.

He soon segued into his own ventures, creating his signature PB Camps, TM PB coaching, instructional content with Selkirk, and his podcast, the Tyson McGuffin show. He’s also on the TeamSelkirk Advisory Staff.

He’s now going on seven years playing pickleball after turning pro in 2016.

What paddle does Tyson McGuffin use?

Officially speaking, Tyson is playing with a Selkirk Power Air Invikta. But he’s clearly using a custom “signature” version of the paddle that Selkirk has made for him.

Chances are this signature paddle is similar to the Selkirk Labs 002. Tyson has expressed on his podcast that the 002 is the paddle he’s wanted to play but, but under his agreement with Selkirk, he’d be playing with the Power Air.

It’s possible that the paddle Tyson is using is a Labs 002-A. He might have painted it like a Power Air to keep aligned with marketing looks, as fellow Selkirk-sponsored Pro James Ignatowich has done.

Tyson and Ignatowich have praised the new thermoformed paddles, like the CRBN 1X, on Tyson’s podcast. He called the CRBN power series “a freaking sword…” and continued, saying “That thing thumps and gets up and down in a hurry”.

What shoes does Tyson McGuffin wear?

In 2022, the shoe company Skechers signed two top-ranked pickleball pros – Tyson McGuffin and Catherine Parenteau.

Currently, Tyson McGuffin wears the Skechers Viper Court Pro.

Does Tyson McGuffin have a romantic partner?

Tyson is married to his wife, Megan McGuffin. They have three children together, aged 13, six, and under a year.

Tyson’s other interests

A lot of Tyson’s time is spent either playing in tournaments, serving on pickleball boards, or working on his personal pickleball business ventures.

When he’s not enveloped by pickleball, he likes to work out, vacation, go on hikes, hit up breweries, spend time out at the lake, and hit up music festivals.

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